Monday, September 3, 2012


So Twitter…
Of late I've been hanging around twitter. It's kind of like drinking hot chocolate in an abnormally cold air conditioned room. Addictive yet not but still addictive. Anyway, there are a couple of tweeter fellows who are a hoot!

Piers Morgan is…
  • -          A fancy journalist (writer/editor at The Sun, Daily Mirror etc)
  • -          Talk show person (replaced Larry King Live)
  • -          Reality show judge (smirked at Susan Boyle when she strode on stage but looked dumbfounded when she walked off)

…well basically, he’s a prolific resume holder. What he also is, in addition to all the above
  • -          A GOONER (That’s what Arsenal fans call themselves)

When rival team Manchester Untied paid a pretty penny to buy Arsenal’s main man Robin Van Persie, the Gooners had quite a bit to say. Their shining beacon of goal scoring ability was bartered away for some lush green cash (24 million pounds, I believe). Safe to say the Gooners were livid and sent a minimum of 24 million curses into the air. Morgan's perhaps the loudest.
So anyway, yesterday was Manchester United vs Southampton. The specifics of the teams don’t really matter, basically for the Gooners ManU had to fall flat on their face and Persie had to get slobbered in muck. It did look that way for a while with Southampton leading 2-1 but then things changed…and so did Piers Morgan’s tweets:

(Match underway…ManU are the clear favourites… Robin Van Persie misses and SOTON score…Piers is a happy man)
Van Pursestrings misses a sitter, Southampton race up the other end and score. What a blissful 30 seconds of football.

(So happy that he prods United’s Wayne Rooney)
Enjoying the game as much as I am, mate? @WayneRooney

(As ManU stutter around…happy Piers calls out to another ManU star…Rio Ferdinand)
United's defence getting absolutely shredded today. Delightful to watch. @rioferdy5

(Checks up on Rooney again)
You OK, buddy? @WayneRooney

(And then ManU level…with another goal by Van Persie…2-2)
Hang on, Southampton. Please

(And then…. Van Persie scores a hat trick with barely a couple of minutes left… 3 - 2…)
I want to die.

Moral of the story: If you're on twitter, please follow Mr. Morgan. As entertaining if not more so than a nerve-wracking, fire-cracking game.

Also...follow @rameshsrivats

I can't wiki him like Morgan...but like Morgan...he is also funny ...intentionally though!

Basically, St.Stephen's is asking Unmukt Chand to choose - Tests or Exams?

Saw Aamir Khan on the cover of TIME. Sheepishly said sorry to him and have started doing good deeds

Yes. We want transparency in coal. But Oil? Oil will always remain OPEC

Thank God, Mamata Banerjee is not in the Chinnaswamy Stadium. She hates to be seen in bad light.

Moral of the story: Join twitter. 

And eat cake.

The Hummingbird Bakery's Coffee Cake. Added some hazelnut and vanilla cream #yum #yum

For those of you who want the recipe! Tweet me and I'll send it across. 
I've typed too much this afternoon. 
I guess that's the draw of twitter #140characters!

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