Thursday, August 2, 2012

I thought I would never...but I did.

I used to hate dogs (I apologise to all pooch lovers but unfortunately, so it was)
Absolutely hated them!
During my younger years I was bitten not once or twice or thrice but FOUR times by four different dogs.
Each time I was bitten I had to take the shots, go through my mother's fear that I was going to turn into a dog and put up with my grandmothers idea that chicken was not to be eaten for three months after a dog bite. So, for all those who gasped at my dog hate I think now you understand where it stemmed from. .
So, that was the status quo all through my teens. 
When I hit twenty and finally grasped the concept that a dog is smaller than I am and that he/she is probably more scared than me, I settled into quiet ignorance as far as the barking animals were concerned.
I still didn't get the love showered on them and the supposed return of affection from them.
I then turned 25 this year and things changed. 
I was enjoying a long vacation at my aunts place and I was at my mopey best. My darling little cousin brother and sister used to call me a lost puppy and decided that the best present for me would be...a puppy! 
A she puppy! 
I wasn't really receptive to this but they said that I should think about it for a few days and then decide if I wanted her or not.
She was tiny and fluffy and cute.
I named her 'Munchkin'.

The kids used to put her by my side every chance they got in the hope that I warm up to her. 
Initially, I didn't really bother much but then the tiny ball of fur started doing these cute things. She would look at me and it seemed like she she could understand what I was thinking. After a few days, she would find her way and curl up next to me on the bed and the minute we put her down she would whine like a child. I soon started to notice that I was starting to get into the habit of speaking to her. 
Intrigue now set in.   
'A dog is like comfort to me. Like cake. Like soup. Like mommy. Wow.'

I finally could see what the world of dog lovers saw. 
I thought I would never fall for any dog...but I did! 
The best part was that once I got used to a little pup trotting by my side, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. The complete opposite of my earlier thoughts. 

I couldn't bring Munchkin back home with me but what I did bring back was new faith and fondness for dogs.
So much so that Priya's big-big Whiskey who used to petrify me, now seems like a beautiful gentle baby and any dog I see now brings a smile to my face.
So be it a Shih Tzu, a Boxer, a Lab or even a Great Dane, I see sparkles and hearts around them.
A Pomeranian I still can't stand though. 

Now...coming off topic or rather back to topic, here's the Hummingbird Bakery's, Apple Pistachio Loaf. It is warm and comforting and perfect for evening tea...and even more perfect with a pet by your side. 

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