Monday, June 18, 2012

Julie and Julia sue me!

Food is rather like a superhero, actually lets narrow it down to 'sugar'. Sugar is rather like a superhero, who rescues me during not so good times and kicks the celebrations a notch higher during the highs. And mundane times become pretty colorful when something sweet is around. So yes, sugar is a superhero and I would be a damsel in distress any day. So step aside Superman, Batman, Green Lantern...the granules in white are here!

I have always viewed ovens (from the time when they were round and flat) with stars in my eyes. When I'm happy. I bake. Stressed. I bake. Downright in the dumps. Woohoo. I bake. But unfortunately, education and then higher education leading on to corporate jobs and movement from one city to another kind of curtails the velocity of this baking. But now, things are changing!

A few weeks back, my amazing mother sanctioned the use of her card on flipkart so that I could get myself a little book called 'the hummingbird bakery cookbook'. The only contention was that I use the book to bake my way through its pages so that her investment in it may not seem to have been a waste. I agreed. add a bit of dramatic flavor I vowed that I will complete it all in two months. My mother...umm...sniggered!

The journey of sugar and butter and eggs taking up pretty much a permanent place in our food stocks then began and my love for making and baking and icing re-surfaced. 
The eating bit...well luckily I have handy helpers in the tasting and eating department. 

So the cookbook.
Googling is an obsession that almost everyone relates to. So during one of my googling bouts I came across a line that stated that the best red velvet cupcake was to be found at the Hummingbird Bakery in London.
It seems like the Hummingbird Bakery is to London what Magnolia is to New York (at least this is the equation in my head) So anyway it was from this google adventure that I decided I wanted the book. It's a simple book with pictures that make your head swirl. All it has in it are recipes for:

15 cupcakes
15 cakes
8 pies
8 brownies and bars
7 muffins
7 cookies and biscuits

The thought was - if I bake, everyday, for 60 days I will conquer the hummingbird bakery cookbook. Yes! Julie and Julia.

Now, the thing is, I've been baking a lot since the day I got this book (28th May, 2012). Sometimes from it, some variations of the recipes in it and sometimes just what I feel like.
What I'm going to do is try out every recipe and keep things posted with some stories, recipes and pictures! 
Someday soon...I will finish the book and continue with more!

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