Friday, June 29, 2012

Boys will always be boys

So let me tell you about the young fellows in my neighbourhood.
They are fun and funny. 
If you ask them, they would probably say - 
'Arey, we are funtastic!'
Every evening all these boys flock to a certain place that has been named the 'CANTEEN'. It's a small, tiny shop that sells Mumbai's best selling items.
Chai and cigarettes.
10, 20, sometimes even 30 of them get together after each day's work and just 'hang' there.
Every single day!
And I must mention here that the age group of these 'boys' spans from 18 to 40.
No calls are made, no prior arrangements. They go there, park their cars, sit on the steps in front of the canteen in groups and just chill.
Even though we are a large gang of friends with as many girls as guys, the boys never let any girl come near the 'canteen'. Even when I sometimes drop my brother off there, it is always at a safe distance away. 
We know not the proceedings that transpire there and yes we are very curious about it.
As is with any large group of people, it is apparent there will be small issues here and there, sides chosen, small groups formed etc. While all of this happens outside the bounds of the canteen, during the hours these boys chill there, all the nitty gritty petty issues seem to dissolve. If one passes by this place, a visual of chirpy boys laughing and giggling is seen. 

So on the basis of what can be seen while driving by this place and some primary investigations, it can be said that:
They play some chess while drinking chai
(courtesy: visual)
Have obsessive Fruit Ninja competitions
(courtesy: observation of brother plus the statement made by him one evening when he came back 'That **** Varun beat my score')
Talk about world events
(Courtesy: claims by canteen spokespersons)
Discuss sports
(Courtesy: claims by canteen spokespersons)
(Consensus by all) 

While I may write about the canteen boys with amusement and judgement, the truth lies in the fact that there is a bit of envy there too. I mean imagine laughing and chatting with your friends every single day at a given hour after a tiring day's work - random banter, some games and some laughs.
It's a good life. 
So, in appreciation of living life to the fullest, I sent them a Brooklyn Blackout Cake. This is a simple chocolate cake with three layers doused in  chocolate custard. One of the Hummingbird Bakery's hot selling cakes. And after making it I found out why!

I had just one request for the canteen boys when I sent the cake. Send me a few pictures of all the guys sitting by the canteen. 
First, I said I'll come by and take a few pictures. 
That was rejected in a jiffy! 
I then very sweetly requested a few pictures. I was expecting multiple pictures with all the boys around, showcasing the canteen.
I received one.
This one.


  1. post the recipe for this cake pls :)

    1. Hey Anuradha! You can find the recipe here